Summer Sailing Program Descriptions

Mini Mariners

First timers Ages 6-8.
Daily from 9:00 - 12:00

Beginner & Intermediate Sailing

Daily from 9:00 - 12:00

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Sailors without Previous Experience

Mini-Mariners - Ages 6 - 8. Morning Session

First, you must learn to row a little boat.

Would be mariners first learn to have fun on the water under the guidance of youth-focused instructors. Water safety is big here with Mini-Mariners learning to tie knots, float, launch, board, row, and sail boats.

They will learn to float with and without PFD's, capsize when ready, learn knotty terms, swim, develop nautical etiquette, and learn about PFDs, fog horns and whistles while exploring the harbor and shoreline.

Our goal with Mini-Mariners is to learn to love boats and the water that floats them.

Beginner Sailing - Morning Session

Our goal with Beginner Sailing is to learn fundamentals.

We teach basic sailing skills including: rigging, boat handling (tacking and jibing), sailing on a reach, docking, balance, and steering.

To move out of the Beginner class the sailor will be comfortable and proficient sailing alone in an Opti, or handling an MIT Tech dinghy as skipper or crew. 


Sailors with Previous Experience

Intermediate Sailing - Morning or Afternoon Session

Intermediate Sailing Course builds boat handling skills, including upwind and downwind sailing, different landing and departure techniques, performance boat handling, and prepares the sailor with basic racing techniques. Marlinspike skills including knot tying, and boat care are emphasized.

Depending on the sailors size, skill level, and willingness to accept a challenge sailors learn in Optis, C420s, Tech dinghies, Boothbay Harbor One Designs, or J/22s, with instructor's guidance.

Advanced Sailing - Afternoon Session

Our goal is to advance the sailor from being able to sail around the harbor to sail well around the harbor.

This is geared towards 420 able sailors who do not wish to race, or who do not want it to be a major focus of their sailing. Through drills, trips, rendezvous and the hopeful borrowed boats we will be teaching basic navigation, distance sailing, formats of racing not seen in Junior sailing, seamanship skills such as anchoring and mooring, and more advanced knotwork. These sailors will sail a wide variety of boats, including 420's, Techs, J-22, and Boothbay Harbor One Designs.


Race Course - Afternoon

Our program builds on the successful Spring/Fall Scholastic Sailing program. Our goal here is to develop winners with esteem among peers.

The BHYC Racing program advances Opti and C420 sailors through the Racing Pyramid. Sailors will learn to rig their boat for the conditions: adjusting standing and running rigging tension, conduct minor repairs and maintenance to avoid breakdowns. They will focus practice weeks on: Boat Handling, Boat Speed, Starts and Mark Roundings, Strategy & Tactics, and the Rules.

A season-long Friday Race series determines club champions. The winners names go on plaques on the ceiling of the Casino Room. Perpetual trophies are at stake for Sportsmanship, best Crew and Skipper.

Regattas in 2019 include the Maine State Opti Championships defended right here in Boothbay and the Maine State C420 Championships hosted in Boothbay (runners' up in 2018). We also compete in the Junior Olympics Sailing Festival, MIRC regattas and Harraseeket Youth Regatta as well as other regional regattas.

Those who want to improve their racing performance and learn good sportsmanship will enjoy this class. 

2020 Registration coming soon

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